How to Slay Managing a Remote Workforce

The most effective team members are those who possess a strong work ethic while forever proactively thinking outside of the box. Unfortunately, not all employees are as enthusiastic to regularly bringing their A-game, and the same issues arise amongst remote workers or those working from home during the holidays. Read on to discover how to slay managing a remote workforce.

1. Pick a Platform

Keep team communication simple by choosing one preferred platform everyone uses. Choose a platform that is easy to use and offers helpful additional benefits. Slack is a great option for many business industries.

2. Create Schedules

Hold remote workers accountable by setting schedules and enforcing deadlines for projects. Scheduling expectations will help your team organize their time accordingly.

3. Connect

If your remote team is spread out across different cities making regular face-to-face meetings impossible, organize weekly or bi-weekly video calls. Face-to-face communication is essential. A strategic planning meeting everyone flies in to attend once a year can help build a stronger team. Make sure you organize weekly mandatory calls to keep communication strong between the whole team and ensure everyone is in the loop on all of your projects and any issues that need to be addressed.

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