How to Reflect on Whether Your 2018 Was a Success


Each year brings new hopes, new promises, and new dreams. Did you fulfill yours? It’s important to do a year-end review to reflect on what went well and what you can improve upon in the year ahead as you set new intentions. Keep reading to find out if you had a successful 2018.

Life Hack: How to Reflect on Whether Your 2018 Was a Success


Write It Down.

Think about each month and take time to reflect on what you did each month personally and professionally. What made you happy? What challenged you? Did you ever have any breakdowns? What about breakthroughs? How about checking anything off your bucket list? Did you spend time with your loved ones? Did you go on any memorable trips? Did you have any personal revelations? Did you launch your first business or achieve your first big entrepreneurial success? Really dig deep and write everything down that you can think of. Going month by month is key because if you think about everything that happened over the course of a year, it can get a little overwhelming. Make sure to write everything down, and then group similar ideas together.

Make 2018 a “Thing.”

2018 was my year of (blank). Then fill in that blank. Think of everything that happened over the course of the year, good and bad holistically, and decide what 2018 is to you. Is 2018 your year of global domination? What about your year of intense personal growth? Reflect on the overarching theme of your 2018 to determine what type of success you had.

Did You Have a Successful 2018?

It’s okay to say no. Part of personal growth is acknowledging your shortcomings, and every year isn’t going to be life-changing. That being said, you can always plan for the next year to be the best one yet. Let’s show 2019 who is boss!

You have to look back in order to see forward. Now that you’ve reflected on 2018, what changes are you making to shine in 2019? Tweet me @lorenridinger.