How to Outlive Your 15 Minutes of Fame

15 minutes of fame

Sometimes a beautiful thing happens and something we have created goes viral and our 15 minutes of fame clock starts counting down. What would you do with your 15 minutes of fame? What if you could set yourself up for success beyond that tiny frame of time? Keep reading to find out more.

How to Outlive Your 15 Minutes of Fame

15 minutes of fame

Find out What Your Audience Wants, Then Give It to Them

Don’t overcomplicate things or try to expand into other avenues. If what you are “selling” is working, keep giving it to your audience. Be consistent and true to your origins, and your audience will support you, and inevitably multiply.

Recruit Others to Help out When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

When success comes, the social media and email avalanche follow, along with potential feelings of overwhelm. Take a deep breath and find one or two trusted friends to bring on board to help you sort through the chaos. Once you have a handle on things and a few partnerships in play, consider taking on an intern or part-time assistant to help you keep on top of everything. Now is the time to reach out to PR and talent agencies - negotiate partnerships and collaborations now. You have to strike while the iron's hot.

Be Flexible and Willing to Wear Many Hats

If you have a small team in place, you will likely be rotating responsibilities until you determine who excels at what. Then, find out where the missing pieces are if there even are any. Keep your ear to the ground (via social listening tools and emails) to find out what your supporters are looking for from you, and try to give them what they want within reason. Lastly, slowly start to expand your brand in ways that make sense and in ways that you are passionate about creating content to continue your growth.

Jump at Once in a Lifetime Opportunities

Your 15 minutes of fame can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, to use every second wisely. Find opportunities to pursue that you are excited about and do everything you can to make your name known in a positive way while creating and participating in as much content as possible during your short window of opportunity.

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