How to Change Your Story & Create the Life of Your Dreams

change your story

Thoughts are powerful. Upgrade your thoughts to change your story. How you see yourself and how you view the world directly affects your story. What we tell ourselves about ourselves and our lives is what we start believing to be true.

Can you put your hand on your heart and tell yourself that you view yourself and your life in a positive way? If not, it's time to rewire your thought patterns and change your story.

1. Obstruct negative self-talk.

Stop telling yourself you can't because you can. If countless other people can believe in themselves, you can too. The power of belief is limitless. Update all of the negative slogans you tell yourself for positive ones. You're not too old, you are smart enough, and your past does not define you. The time for change is now.

2. Check your habits.

In addition to taming negative self-talk, you need to examine your other habits. Write a list of the practices which you believe are standing in the way of achieving your goals in life. For example, if you're continually telling yourself you don't have time to work on your purposes around a full-time job, set your alarm clock an hour or two earlier every morning. Or schedule time each evening to work on your goals. You have time. Delegate some of your Netflix-surfing hours to achieve your goals. Swap your defective habits for improved ones.

3. Check your circle.

I repeat this point all the time during all of my speeches because it's such a potent one. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people who motivate you, inspire you, and cheer you on. Now read that again.

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