How This Entrepreneur Turned Hearing 'No' 100 Times into a Billion Dollar Business

billion dollar business

We've heard it a thousand times - success comes to those who persevere after being away numerous times. The Top 1% of the world is made up of supermodels who were turned away from multiple agencies in their early days, billionaires who clawed their way out of bankruptcy, and inventors who took their creation to a hundred investors before someone invested. The message is clear. You cannot quit when you hear the word 'no.' Adapt the strategy, and move on to the next window of opportunity to take the next step towards creating your billion dollar business.




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I loved reading this feature about a young female entrepreneur recently on Entrepreneur.com. Starting her first business in her mom's living room, Melanie Perkins went on to become the founder of Canva in 2013. Now boasting over 10 million registered users, this creative platform that helps even the least design-capable was valued at an incredible $1 billion. So, how did Perkins go from multiple 'Nos' to multiple zeros? Read on.

1. Listen

Perkins starts her day by checking all of the Canva social media platforms to see what the community is talking about and which features they'd like improved.

2. Communication is Key

Clear communication helps you become a strong leader and helps ensure the team is working towards shared goals.

3. Stay Focused

Focus on your goals and remain persistent. Listen to why people choose not to invest in or work with you and adapt your pitch.

4. Know Your Market

Whether you're pitching to a panel of investors, or simply updating existing products or services, you have to listen to the people you're 'selling' to. You need to understand what they need deeply and give it to them without them asking.

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