How One Entrepreneur Went from High School Dropout to Millionaire


Entrepreneur Colin Wayne started his multi-million dollar company Redline Steel in 2016, and within two years, is already set to rake in more than $30 million. Keep reading to find out his tricks of the entrepreneurial trade as a high school dropout.

How One Entrepreneur Went from High School Dropout to Millionaire


Just Start.

You don’t need an education or even industry knowledge to start your own business. But you have to believe in yourself, be ready to learn and put in the hard work it takes to be successful. Find an opportunity that excites you and let everything take shape from there.

Research Before Spending.

It takes money to make money, but before you make a significant investment like a manufacturing plant, do some research online around “purchase intent” of your target audience and reach out to potential investors. Wayne used a tool called NeverBounce, which validates email addresses, to get the attention of a CEO and secure his first few contracts.

Be Ready to Learn.

If pieces of your plan fall out of play, you won’t sweat the small stuff if you know the ins and outs of your dream, your plan, and your industry. You can spend forever crafting the perfect plan, but time is never on our side. Dive in headfirst and learn to adapt, but never give up on yourself or your vision of success.

Know Digital Marketing.

If you don’t know your industry, you’ll be just fine as long as you are a savvy digital marketer. Again, this is something you can learn on the fly. Wayne touts videos from Miles Beckler as being instrumental to his knowledge gathering process. Teach yourself how to create, place, and maximize digital ads to run a successful online-only business. ClickFunnels is what Wayne and his team use to manage their ads to generate website traffic and increase revenue.

Work Hard.

Ultimately, it’s critical that you enjoy what you do and you work hard at it, or you’ll never be successful even if you have a billion-dollar idea. You’ll wear many hats in the entrepreneurial world, and if that excites you, welcome to the club.

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