How to Be First in Line for Promotion


To be the first person to automatically spring to the minds of CEOs for promotion, a track record of desirable behavior characteristics is at play. You cannot only start making an effort when it's announced a senior position is available. To be memorable, you have to be on your A-game every day and demonstrate a strong work ethic that casts everyone else in your shadow.

How to Be First in Line for Promotion


Ensure your name is on the tip of every executive's tongue for promotion by ensuring you're implementing these elements into everyday work life. Your seniors need to be confident that you will get results. They need to know that they can trust you to take charge and lead the team to victory, even in their absence.

Performance is everything.

Doing an amazing job requires so much more than doing the bare minimum. Smash expectations by going the extra mile, staying late if it means getting results, and being proactive. Employers don't want to employ people they have to think for. Be ahead of the trends in your sector and bring innovative ideas to the table.

There are no excuses.

Employers hate excuses and stories. Own it and take responsibility when you make mistakes. Constant excuses and defensive story-telling is a huge turn-off. We all make mistakes sometimes or misjudge situations - what matters is how we own it and make things right.

Be a strong team player.

If you can't communicate or play nice with others, you won't get that promotion until you turn around the negative perception held by you in the workplace. Team players take one for the team when circumstances ask for it. If a colleague suddenly resigns or has to take time off, offer to take on a portion of the workload. Employers are paying you to make their lives easier, which means handling your role without needing to be micromanaged and investing your help when required. Employers need to know that they can count on you to get the job done to a high standard, no matter what.

Invest in your role.

Employees who take an interest in bettering themselves both personally and professionally will be an asset. Possessing an arsenal of skills will blow your promotion competitors out of the water.

Go for it.

If you're confident you're displaying all of the right behaviors, ask your boss if you can schedule a time for a quick chat. The wheels are officially in motion. Good luck - go slay dragons!