Entrepreneurship Week: 5 Habits You Need for Success

November is National Entrepreneurship Month, with today marking the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which means there's no better time than to tell you this: there is no magic potion to make you successful. Even celebrities who seemingly became an overnight success fought for years to get where they are now. The people who make it share a lot of mutual strengths and behaviors. Here are the habits you need to work on to upgrade your chances of success.

1. Value Your Time

Successful people are highly time-efficient and productive. They delegate as many menial tasks as possible to focus on their strengths and business development.

2. Become an Opportunist

Successful people see opportunities now, but they also look to the future to see opportunities next year, and in another five years. They are always thinking and planning way into the future, giving themselves a competitive advantage.

3. Believe in Yourself

We all have the occasional insecure day now and then. But successful people know how to silence their negative inner voice, love themselves, and believe in themselves over anything else. They are never afraid to put themselves out there and learn as they go.

4. Failure is Not an Option

Successful people are the most resilient; because they will persevere no matter what and triumph against all the odds. They literally will not quit until they succeed.

5. Be Self-Aware

Successful people know their strengths and weaknesses. They make the best use of their time by hiring people to excel in areas of their own weaknesses so that they can focus on global domination.

Which strengths and behaviors have you found to make you successful? Tweet me @lorenridinger.