Entrepreneurship: How to Keep the #MAIC2019 Magic Alive


You came, you listened, you got inspired; now what? Whether you're a new UFO or you've been in the game for years, attending MAIC 2019 was a giant leap towards changing your life. Market America events bring entrepreneurship to life. Every convention is bursting with speakers at the top of their game. You'll get energized and focused on your purpose. Now is the time to put everything you learned last week into action so that you don't let the magic die.

1. Summarize Your Objectives

Summarize your purpose; what you intend to achieve with your business, and why.

2. Create Your Plan

Create a plan broken down into bitesize goals which you need to accomplish by specific dates. Giving yourself deadlines helps keep you on task, forces you to hold yourself accountable, and creates a sense of urgency. 'I'll do it tomorrow' is no longer a useable excuse to prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

3. Find Your Business Accountability Partner

Nominate someone to become your accountability partner who you can brainstorm with and motivate each other to keep going. Your partner could be an existing entrepreneur associate you look up to or a new associate you met at MAIC 2019. Whoever it is, make sure they possess hardworking values and put their words into actions.

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