Entrepreneurs: Why You're Not Achieving Online Growth

online growth

The main reason why entrepreneurs are not achieving online growth is that they have not developed a strategy for building their audience. Your audience should be made up of targeted potential customers that will likely convert into sales.

Entrepreneurs: Why You're Not Achieving Online Growth

online growth

You can't just post pretty pictures on Instagram and wait for the masses to come. You need an all-around audience-building strategy combining email data capture, PR exposure via the media and social media efforts.

#1. Get interviewed on target market podcasts and publications.

Research relevant podcasts with an impressive number of followers, and pitch the idea to be interviewed about your area of expertise. Approach your target market publications with an interview or feature pitch sure to engage the attention of their readers.

#2. Take advantage of SEO.

Post keyword savvy content on your blog to direct target market traffic to your website.

#3. Build valuable partnerships.

Partner with other brands and professionals who you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with.

#4. Create a strong social media marketing strategy.

Utilize social media by building a consistent brand tone presence integrated with innovative marketing techniques.

#5. Think data capture.

Add a newsletter subscribe feature to your website to grow your email database. Competitions and giveaways are a great way to motivate people to sign up.