Entrepreneurs: 3 Tips to Get on 'Shark Tank'

shark tank

The opportunity to showcase your business on ABC's "Shark Tank" can be a significant game-changer for entrepreneurs. The show is watched by millions of people, giving you the ideal platform to launch your brand to the consumer market. I'm a massive fan of the show, and love watching my bro, Daymond John, make entrepreneurial dreams come true.

1. Be OCD about everything.

Producers are looking for high standards of professionalism. Ensure everything from your website to your business plan is high level and makes the right first impression before you apply.

2. Be authentic.

The producers are the gatekeepers to the show. Be sure to show your authentic personality with a splash of charisma in your submission video. Think about how many thousands of videos they have to watch every week. Now get creative and find a way to make your video stand out for all the right reasons.

3. Go big or stay home.

Go all out for your submission video to show an intriguing side of you that producers will not only want to see more of but will also want to share with their show viewers. Be animated, be humorous, and be you. Go big or stay home!

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