Monday Motivation: How to Slay Your Day

time efficiency

Time is money, and anyone that knows me well knows that I loathe people who waste my time. Time efficiency plays a crucial role in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

There are only 24 hours in a day. To achieve time efficiency, you need to master the skill of scheduling your time like a boss. As your business grows, so do your responsibilities.

Time Efficiency: How to Slay Your Day

time efficiency

Operate the 'First Things First' Philosophy.

Schedule your day using your Google Calendar, or whatever software you prefer. Start with the most urgent or difficult tasks. I can't reinforce the importance of this enough, and I always repeat this top tip. You never know what unexpected challenges may pop up each day, so at least if you've got the most urgent tasks done, you can handle whatever the rest of the day throws at you.
You'll find yourself being less stressed and feeling more accomplished when you tick off all of those urgent tasks, slaying time efficiency daily.

You can't do it all.

Entrepreneurship and success is a team sport. You need to have a trusted team around you. A team that you can trust to delegate urgent tasks to, freeing up time for you to focus on more essential tasks requiring your attention.

Time management.

Schedule specific times of the day to check emails and social media. Seeing emails can distract for hours. If there's anything urgent, your team will call you. You're not that busy - often our time is just eaten up by unnecessary distractions.