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5 Reasons to Attend MAWC 2017 in Miami

December 5th, 2016

Can you believe that we’re already talking about Market America World Conference in Miami for 2017? It’s wild that time is flying so fast that we’re nearly looking at the New Year – incredible! Each year I get so excited welcoming everyone to my hometown of Miami, and this year is no exception.

If you’re on the fence about attending this year’s MAWC, it’s a show stopping event that shouldn’t be missed. From the incredible presentations to the celebrity lineup, the fashion, new products and just the sheer energy – you should start planning your trip now.

Each year the event is jam-packed with the spirit of entrepreneurship, inspiring everyone in attendance to reach for the stars and turn passion into a business. You think you have that sort of energy? Here’s five reasons to attend MAWC 2017 in Miami.


5 Reasons to Attend MAWC 2017 in Miami

#1. Inspiration. If you want to be inspired to turn your dreams into reality, there is no better place to get that done than at MAWC. The energy of the crowd, the awesome presentations on stage, the testimonials of people who love being part of the Market America family – the list goes on!


#2. Celebrity Lineup. Do you love seeing your favorite celebs? Do you love knowing that they’re also entrepreneurs working to get their dreams off the ground? When you get everyone in a room, from all walks of life – it’s amazing just how much we all have in common. I’ll keep it a surprise, but expect some pretty exciting guests!


#3. New products. This is one of the best and my favorite part of MAWC, the new product lineup! Our team works so hard year-round to get creative and develop new products – getting to reveal all of our hard work is amazing! I love expanding what we have to offer and making our current products better each year – and as an MAWC attendee, you get to see all this great stuff first.


#4. A great time. If MAWC is anything – it’s a rocking good time! You’ll hear music, see performances and leave with a heap of new friends. Not to mention, you’ll be on the edge of your seat energized and ready to take control of your own destiny – and, that’s amazing.


#5. Gorgeous Miami. Is there anywhere better to spend a few days than the tropical town of Miami? I may be a bit biased because I love it so much, but trust me – you’ll love it too. From the perfect weather and temps, to the endless beach to the amazing restaurant scene – what more can you ask for in a winter getaway?

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If all of this sounds good, you’ll have to join us in Miami to find out what’s in store at this year’s conference!

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