5 of the Worst Business Myths You'll Hear as an Entrepreneur

business myths

If you've started your own business, you likely already know that people love to share their opinion on what you should and shouldn't do. People that probably have not walked your path, and have zero business experience. Hence why I frequently repeat in my stage speeches why you should ignore people who haven't made it in the business world who are overflowing with business myths they've heard over the years that they like to regurgitate during conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs. I read this blog on Entrepreneur.com today and loved reading through the worst advice the featured entrepreneurs ever received. I heard a few of these myself over the years.

1. Dress like everyone else to fit in.

You are your brand. Looking the same as everyone else just doesn't cut it anymore. Be bold, be charismatic, and be you! Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd. The market leaders are those brave enough to be confident in their style.

2. Don't try something new.

Where would we be as a nation if inventors and entrepreneurs hadn't dared to try something new? This advice is about as ridiculous as someone telling you that you will never make it!

3. Play it safe.

The brands who dare to think outside of the box and aren't put off by the threat of a little potential controversy are the leading brands of the century.

4. Dwell on mistakes.

We all make mistakes. Learn from it, adapt your business strategy accordingly, and move on!

5. You have to raise as much money as possible.

You don't need money to make money. You need a creative strategy and a lot of work ethic — the end.

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