4 Ways to Seriously Boost Your Creativity


The frontopolar cortex is the area of the brain believed to control creativity. On days where the artistic struggle is real, read on to discover four ways to activate your creativity and unleash your creative genius on the world.

1. Get in Your Zone

Distractions divert your attention from any task at hand, including capturing your creativity. Firstly, turn off your email and social media notifications. Both are constant and often unnecessary disturbances throughout the day. Put your phone face down on silent, or leave your phone in another room. Once you block out distractions, you welcome in creativity.

2. Pay Attention

Be mindful and observe where you create the majority of your imaginative ideas. Many entrepreneurs credit baths and showers being their creative hubs because they're in a relaxed stated of mind with minimal distractions. A walk on the beach, a gym session, or a long soak in the tub can give your brain the environment it needs to reflect.

3. Get Regular Changes of Surroundings

A simple change of scenery can give your creativity the kiss of life. If you work from home, try changing the room you work in, or head to an artisan coffee shop for the day.

4. Take Note

Write down all of your ideas, however trivial they appear at the time. A seemingly small idea now with a little creativity thrown in later can become a potent recipe for a successful concept.

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