4 Ways to Ensure Your Events Stand out from the Crowd


From mutually beneficial collaborations to compelling storytelling, there are a few ways to reinvent the wheel to help ensure your event planning skills stand out from the mainstream crowd.

4 Ways to Ensure Your Events Stand out from the Crowd


#1. Brand everything!

Amber's recent LDV resort event was a phenomenal success because she paid incredible attention to detail. Attendees included some of the most powerful influencers in Miami, many of whom were blown away by the effort and creativity that was put into creating an experience. From the LDV branded popsicles and synchronized swimmers to the pink car and boat party, influencers couldn't help but share branded photos and footage from this monumental event.


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Catch you in #TimeSquare for a #NewYork minute ❤️

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#2. Create FOMO in your marketing efforts.

Create some serious noise on social media in the days leading up to your event. Release behind the scenes content to build excitement and FOMO.

#3. Create an experience.

The more creative you can get with your event, the better. Creating a unique experience will entice people to attend. Go the extra mile and exceed attendee expectations.

#4. Create beneficial partnerships.

Partner with brands who can add value to your event as sponsors. Invite guests who resonate with your brand who will post about the event and bring an influential social media following to the table.

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