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4 Things Successful People Do at the Beginning of the Year

January 10th, 2017

The New Year is finally here and it’s a chance to start anew and set some serious goals. Whether you’re into drafting resolutions or not, thinking about the future is absolutely essential for setting a course. From thinking big and knowing what your passions are to getting down to the nitty gritty of your day-to-day, there’s so much you can do to ensure that this year is a successful one.

If you’re just not sure where to get started, look to your role models. I learned so much from my husband, JR, and I continue to do so! Looking at the habits of the ones we admire can give us a general sense of direction on how to take on our goals. So take note and get ready to take action. Here’s a look at some ideas for how you, too, can get your New Year started on the right foot.

4 Things Successful People Do at the Beginning of the Year

#1. Get organized. This goes for everything from your car to your home to your desk at the office. Getting organized is half the battle when it comes to getting things done – when you take the time to clear some of the clutter, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. Think about all the spaces that affect your life and what could use a good overhaul? Is it your kitchen cabinets, maybe the fridge? Or perhaps your home office could use some serious attention. Whatever space it is, think about why it’s making you feel overwhelmed or slowing you down and then go after it – hard. Toss things that need to go, shred confidential paperwork and implement an organizational system – all with the intent that when you enter that space the next day, you’ll feel uninhibited and ready to go.

#2. Do some planning. Many of us love to fly by the seat of our pants rather than looking at a broadened view of time, but sometimes planning ahead can help you achieve success – even where you least expect it. When you plan for things – like saving money toward a vacation, for example – there’s likelihood that you’ll succeed in making it happen. Try setting some deadlines for yourself when it comes to work – put project timelines or completion dates on the calendar so that you can get a full scope of exactly what you need to work on to get it all done. You’ll be amazed – rather than feeling overwhelmed or trying to cram before a deadline – you’ll find yourself with time to spare.

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#3. Pledge to make fresh air or exercise a part of daily life. It may sound like its non-essential, however getting a bit of fresh air and/or some exercise is quite common among successful people. First of all – it clears your head when you have too much spinning around in there. Think about making a lunchtime walk your priority every day – imagine if you got up from your desk, walked outside and took a brisk walk – you’d come back clear-headed and incredibly refreshed. Perhaps something more vigorous is more your speed – like a morning run or spin class at the gym. Whatever it is – give yourself an hour every day of time focused on nothing but clearing your head, getting fresh air or getting a bit of exercise. You’ll feel your whole being go from sluggish and stressed to ready to tackle the world.

#4. Make a commitment to taking time off from tech. This just may be the most difficult challenge you face and a pretty tough one to master, but walking away from your tech – laptop, smartphone, tablet, television – whatever it is – put it down. Spend some time with your family, reading a book or even playing fetch with the dog. Try taking on a new hobby that can be completely tech free like baking, knitting, reading or painting – whatever it is – give yourself some time off.

What do you think? Can you follow in the footsteps of successful people who have come before you and accomplished all they’ve set out to do? What out of these four tips is most important to you?

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