4 Low-Cost Business Startup Ideas for College Students

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Taking on a part-time job is often a necessity for many college students to help fund their way through college, but it can get in the way of study time and often generates a low income. Here are a few low-cost business startup ideas you can start for under $200.

4 Low-Cost Business Startup Ideas for College Students
1. Event Promotions

Love partying? Event promoters can get started with no budget, though it could be beneficial to have $150 to invest in social media ads to get the word out about your event agency to your local student target audience.

2. A Virtual PA Service

Many startups have realized a remote workforce can be far more cost efficient than a full-time, salaried employee. You can start selling your virtual PA services on freelance websites such as PeoplePerHour.com to learn the industry, then rally your most organizational savvy friends together to create your virtual workforce.

3. Childcare Services

The majority of children now grow up in a home where both parents have to work. Offering more cost-effective childcare services like babysitters and after-school nannies can be quite lucrative once you've got the necessary certifications and legal work in place.

4. Cleaning Services

As above, many working families and professionals need help around the home to keep their houses in order. Promote your cleaning business via flyers offering special promotional prices to entice people to give your services a try over established agencies.

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