4 Digital Side Hustles to Multiply Your Revenue Streams

multiply your revenue streams

If you want to seriously stack your finances this year, it's all about finding side hustles that allow you to multiply your revenue streams in 2019. If you're digitally savvy, there are lots of ways to put your modern skills to use from home in your spare time.

4 Digital Side Hustles to Multiply Your Revenue Streams
1. Create Online Courses or ebooks

What's your niche area of expertise? Create an online course and sell it via existing self-development platforms. It will take some work to put the course together, but once that's done, you'll make money with little to no additional expense.

2. Design Greeting Cards & eCards

If you're a Photoshop, InDesign or Adobe Spark pro, you can make money on the side by designing greeting cards and eCards. Those gifted with the catchy slogan-writing genius gene can jump onboard too by writing mottos, slogans and jingles to feature in the cards.

3. Become an Online Reseller

Create a niche online shop, buy products in bulk, and resell them to your target market. What's in demand now? Do your research on what people buy online most frequently in 2019. Or can you identify a new trend that will take off this year that you can get a headstart on now? Create a shop with (or become a partner store with) SHOP.COM and you're ready to go!

4. Launch a Remote Personal Assistant Agency

The demand for remote workers continues to grow. If you have amazing organizational skills, offer remote PA services via phone, chat or email and learn the business. When you feel ready, you can launch an online PA business offering corporations and successful self-employed professionals a remote workforce.

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