Memory Hacks: 3 Ways to Retain Everything You Learn

memory hacks

Guilty of forgetting important meetings, appointments, and everything in between these days? These memory hacks may be just the lifeline you need to start retaining new information and remembering everything you learn. Experts have been advising for years that there are four possible learning styles; visual, auditory, reading or writing, and kinesthetic. Each of us responds best to one or two of these learning types, so it's critical to find the method that works best for us to help absorb the information.  l

1. Repetition is King for Memory

Experts really aren't joking when they tell us that practice makes perfect. Practice, practice, practice! Repetition in learning is a proven learning technique. The more we repeat a task or information we need to store, the quicker we learn how to do it without thinking as hard.

2. Reflect

Take time after every learning and revision session to reflect on what you've learned. Think about the most important points you've learned, write it down, and feel the knowledge sink in. Writing notes from memory

3. Test Yourself

After writing down everything you've learned, test yourself with some questions on the subject, then explain everything to a young child. Yep. If you are not yet able to explain it in Layman's Terms to a child, you don't understand it well enough yet. Revise, revise, revise!

Experts have been advising for years that effective learning requires mul

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