10 Ways to Slay Time Management

Effective time management is essential for success. The bigger your goals, the more urgently you need to master your time to maximize productivity. Read on to discover a few simple ways to start slaying time management.

1. Set Intentions

At the end of each day, write a to-do list for tomorrow. Prioritize your most urgent tasks to ensure they get done earlier int he day to give yourself some breathing room in case any other pressing jobs arise tomorrow. Having a list of responsibilities you can tick off on a task-by-task basis will help you stay on task and helps reduce wasting time on non-urgent tasks or procrastination.

2. Get Specific

We all know by now that multitasking is a myth. Allocate specific blocks of time to get particular tasks done to help prevent wasting time on trying to multitask.

3. Prevent Distractions

Turning off social media notifications, putting your phone on silent, and disabling email notifications are all proven ways to reduce distractions. Set specific times throughout the day to check your emails and social media pages (if you manage your platforms yourself).

4. Set deadlines

Setting timelines for tasks helps hold yourself accountable and keeps you on the tasks in hand.

5. Get Organized

Clutter leads to chaos. Organize your workspace for a calmer and more efficient mindset.

6. Take Regular Breaks

Feelings of overwhelm can lead to chaotic thoughts and less productive brainpower. Take regular breaks to reset and give yourself a little thinking space. A quick workout or sipping a coffee outside for ten minutes are great ways to rejuvenate your mind.

7. Identify Your Time Expenditure

What is taking up the majority of your time? Implement ways to make these tasks more time-efficient, for example, can you switch to video meetings instead of face-to-face meetings to cut down on time wasted traveling between meetings? If you're spending a lot of your time on menial tasks, consider employing a virtual personal assistant.

8.Know Your Peak Times

Some professionals report feeling they are most focused and productive in the mornings and hit a slump late afternoon, whereas others work better later in the day. Know your general peak times so that you can set your tasks accordingly.

9. Set the Tone

Many entrepreneurs believe listening to quiet background noise like a classical music playlist helps them concentrate, while others work best in silence. Take note of what works best for you.

10. Refuel

Modern entrepreneurs will frequently work throughout the day to get everything done without taking any breaks. Skipping meals will cloud your judgment and lead to depleting energy levels. Refuel regularly, regardless of how busy you are to stay on point. Remember to keep hydrated, too!

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