Who Will Play Carrie Bradshaw For Sex And The City Prequel On CW?

After much speculation, the rumored Sex and The City Prequel has been green lighted at CW.  Sources confirmed to Hollywood Reporter, that the trendy fashionable network is moving forward with the new show based on the book series written by Sex and the City author Candance Bushnell that follows Carrie Bradshaw during her senior year of high school in the early 1980's.  The first book in Bushnell's origin story was published last year and like Sex and the City, is told from Carrie's point of view.  It follows the aspiring writer through her relationship with Sebastian Kydd and rivalry with popular girl Donna LaDonna.

Now that the show is a go, what actress do you think will make the best Carrie Bradshaw?  Drop me a comment below or send me a tweet @lorenridinger