Weekend Must-Reads


JR and I are getting ready to head down to Miami this weekend. Thanksgiving and Art Basel are upon so it's time to make our way south. We love Greenwich, and getting the new house together but it's time to celebrate with our loved ones. I couldn't be more excited! Did you tune in to Loren's World this week? I had some great articles written up this week about our Go Now Gameplan episode and more! Read on to get caught up on all things Loren's World before we head into the weekend. Enjoy!

Weekend Must-Reads


Affirmations to Attract the Right Person http://bit.ly/36YetnG

How to Set Successful Intentions http://bit.ly/2pYHUoT

11/11: Awesome Ways to Celebrate Singles Day Today http://bit.ly/2ZbV7I5

Ways to Thank Those Who Served this Veteran's Day http://bit.ly/2KawMMC

Lumière de Vie Hommes Skincare Challenge http://bit.ly/32I1P9m

Loren Ridinger and SRS on the Go Now Gameplan! http://bit.ly/34OFUhT

Make Your Holiday Eco Friendly with These Tips http://bit.ly/2Qck9og

Shop Oprah's Favorite Things List Now! http://bit.ly/2NHK0Tj

How Do We Stop Obsessively Thinking About That One Person? http://bit.ly/2q4jXNr

Get in on the MyList Holiday Giveaway http://bit.ly/2rJ7TSd

Funny Memes to Get You Through Hump Day http://bit.ly/2kJu1IG

Show Kindness to Yourself on World Kindness Day http://bit.ly/2Kj9LHD

The Top Work from Home Distractions You Need to Halt http://bit.ly/33ORfi7

A Few of My Favorite Things  http://bit.ly/33Oib1q