Weekend Must-Reads

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Happy International Women's Day! My heart is so full of love for all the women in my life. Thank you for being strong, and incredible. You are the ones who inspire me every day! I hope you celebrate this weekend with lots of gratitude and joy! Celebrating our fellow women is so important. In the meantime, be sure to read some content from my blog Loren's World. This is everything you have missed this week. Enjoy!

Weekend Must-Reads

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Single Girls, Are Apps Really the Way to Go? http://bit.ly/2VEYc0K

Let Down Your Defensive Guard, Here's Why http://bit.ly/2ECOtRA

Female Founders: How to Handle Rejection http://bit.ly/2VIxXX6

How Luke Perry Made it Through 256 Rejections http://bit.ly/2tXDDAx

Thrill Me: Spring Motives Cosmetics Palette Now Available http://bit.ly/2EQve74

MAIC 2019: Are You a Chicken, a Duck, or a Goose? http://bit.ly/2VFvixj

According to Reports Meghan Markle is Her Own Stylist http://bit.ly/2H6K510

Dating Hacks: 12 Proven Ways to Snare a Man's Attention http://bit.ly/2VNa5Sd

Happy International Women's Day from Loren Ridinger! http://bit.ly/2EZrd1L