Weekend Must-Reads

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Happy weekend! We're so ready to relax this weekend. Amber, Duane, and the little ones are heading down south, and we're excited to see them and enjoy the Miami sun with them. I love my family, so weekends like this remind me how blessed and loved I am. Grateful! Below are some of the top posts from Loren's World. Did you miss anything? Read on for more!

Weekend Must-Reads

Congrats to JLo and ARod! http://bit.ly/2NT5fQJ

Give Your Nude Lips Some 'Tude http://bit.ly/2HaZRb1

5 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Leadership Game http://bit.ly/2FfuolX

Find Out How This Company is Closing the Pay Gap http://bit.ly/2Uradqe

These Money Books Are Must-Listesn http://bit.ly/2F5cGkT

4 Low-Cost Business Startup Ideas for College Students http://bit.ly/2THu6x4

Is This the Answer to Bad Dating Apps? http://bit.ly/2NYFGxA

How to Look Inward When in a Toxic Relationship http://bit.ly/2TPmAzh

How to Attract Your Person (Instead of the Ones You Don't Like) http://bit.ly/2TQTBuS

Pastel Makeup Products to Refresh Your Spring http://bit.ly/2F9qhrz

Amber Talks Empowerment During #Thankful4Women Panel http://bit.ly/2XWZ9mW

Hyaluronic Acid: Why It's Your Skin's BFF http://bit.ly/2XZYZv7

What You Need to Know About the Pomodoro Technique http://bit.ly/2UHZPL7

Gratitude > Lack: The First Steps to Manifesting http://bit.ly/2W5dv2V

Happy Birthday, Eva Longoria! http://bit.ly/2u6yaaW

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