Weekend Must-Reads

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Happy weekend, ladies! I don't know about you, but I need to relax. We're back from London and ready for some rest before we go on planning for MAWC2019! Will you be going? I can't wait to see you all in Miami!

Weekend Must-Reads

In the meantime, enjoy this week's Weekend Must-Reads. I've got everything from Loren's World down below. Enjoy, everyone!

The Survival Guide on How to Heal a Broken Heart http://bit.ly/2DpjmJM

Monday Motivation: Make 2019 the Year to Try New Things http://bit.ly/2T780zw

Valentine Date Night Outfit Ideas http://bit.ly/2T9j0wg

How to Launch a Successful Online Business http://bit.ly/2HDFeFJ

3 Quick Ways to Wake up to Hydrated Skin http://bit.ly/2DsbhEa

The SHOP.COM Hair Product You Need in Your Arsenal http://bit.ly/2FKAADU

The Internet's Funniest Memes About Adulting http://bit.ly/2S2hxL9

My Top Morning Affirmations http://bit.ly/2Uhfb8y

3 Ways to Fall in Love with Being Alive Again http://bit.ly/2U9rh3u

How to Silence Your Inner Critic http://bit.ly/2Dxwr3Y

Glow Up Tips to Give Your Confidence a Boost http://bit.ly/2B2spPt

A New Way to Look at Your Day http://bit.ly/2RcjGPH

Celebrities Get Real About the Red Carpet http://bit.ly/2WkwZRS

How to Defeat Procrastination http://bit.ly/2TgcBiU

Kiss Hello to Rihanna's New Savage x Fenty Collection http://bit.ly/2DzmZgk

Youtube Makeup Tutorials Inspired by JLo http://bit.ly/2B4iTvc

National Compliment Day: How to Give and Accept a Compliment http://bit.ly/2WdoqbC

Leadership Habits to Develop NOW http://bit.ly/2ScPIzW

Happy Birthday, Alicia Keys! http://bit.ly/2Ugu8aK

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Eugene the Egg http://bit.ly/2Hu3YQx