Weekend Must-Reads

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Are you ready to unwind this weekend? I know I am! My plan is to relax and enjoy my loved ones. Recently we've been traveling a lot. Our family and friends have been visiting and enjoying the boat with us. I feel so blessed right now. As we prepare for the weekend, Let's take a look at this week's Weekend Must-Reads. We've got all the best content from Loren's World right here.

Weekend Must-Reads


I love trivia, and some of these weird (but amazing) facts will make you say “what?!” and have a little more appreciation for the world in which we live.

This month's Motives Makeover entries are bursting with golds, sparkle and autumnal shades of flawless perfection.

Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask is now available for purchase! I know you've been counting down the days since we announced this delicious product at MAIC2018.

For busy entrepreneurs on the go, here are a few fuss-free tips to throw the ultimate Halloween party with minimal effort.

There's a misconception out there that mindful eating is all about eating slowly, but that's not really the case! Mindful eating is more about knowing what foods are good for you, using your senses in choosing what to eat, learning about hunger, and how to satisfy your hunger.

Lumiere de Vie has got a new promo and you need to check it out. It's all about Lumiere's skin care technology.

Obstacles help us pave the way for a future we are proud to live and thrive in every day.

Mental toughness is within all of us, whether we believe it or not. You're stronger than you think. Practice saying that out loud: "I am stronger than I think."

Can we talk about La La's most recent looks? Seriously, my girl is looking fabulous everywhere she goes!