Weekend Must-Reads

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I had such a fun week! At the VMAs, I got to see JLo's Vanguard performance. Now, I'm looking forward to the weekend. After MAIC2018, I'm taking a short break from working and relaxing a bit. That's probably the best part of the entrepreneuar lifestyle. We get to choose our time off! If you're an entrepreneaur yourself, please take some time to relax this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy my weekend must-reads from Loren's World below!


As the summer comes to an end, I'm still looking for easy-to-wear hairstyles to get my hair out of my face and neck.

Life can be overwhelming at times leaving us feeling stressed, scattered, and out of control. Life finds a way of consistently throwing us more curveballs during challenging times, so it's critical to learn the tools to help us gain composure and find our way home to our center.

Saving money is a part of life, and the sooner you learn how, the easier your life will be.

I first read about the waste-free lifestyle when I came across the blog Trash is for Tossers by Lauren Singer.

I've gone a bit darker with my hair. Since honey blonde hair is major right now, I wanted in. It's a great transition shade for fall plus it's low-maintenance and looks good on so many different skin types.

JR and I pride ourselves in offering the best that we can to our customers and our Unfranchise Owners.

My life can get hectic, so when it comes to relaxation, I'm an expert. After flights or long work weeks, I like to have some time to myself, so I take my relaxation time seriously.