Weekend Must-Reads

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Here's to the weekend, everyone! As we head into the weekend, let's take a look at this week's best posts from Loren's World. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these posts! You're going to enjoy them. Trust me. Read on to learn more.

Weekend Must-Reads

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Margaret Qualley's style is unique to her personality. She wears vintage, modern looks that are feminine and fresh. Check out some examples of her style below!

If you're looking to change your lifestyle, you don't have to do it all at once. I know it can be overwhelming to change your life all at once. That's why, I suggest you start by trying one healthy tip, one day at a time.

There's a way to change those negative thoughts before they turn into something awful and ruin the way your feelings.

Hormonal acne has hit epidemic proportions amongst women aged between thirty to fifty years old.

I love the Olsen twin's style, but I also love their beauty chops. The Olsen twins are known for messy hair and accentuating their famously big eyes blue eyes.

There are a few ways to prevent and cure the aftermath of a few too many alcoholic beverages.

In the audience along the Seine's Left Bank at the Chanel show included Penelope Cruz, Lily Rose Depp, and Pharrell Williams. Their looks were totally covetable and chic.

Kim showed off her curves once again at an LA even for a KKW Beauty fan event. So proud of what she's created with this brand. Check out her white-hot ensemble here!