Weekend Must-Reads

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We're so close to the weekend! I'm so enjoying time with family on the Utopia IV. The Fourth of July is coming up! What are your plans? I'll be celebrating abroad. As we count down to 5 PM, let's take a look at this week's best posts and articles from Loren's World. Happy reading!

Weekend Must-Reads

My princess on our way to Pompeii

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Logan Browning is the star of Netflix's Dear White People. She's a talent! This week, the actress made her way to the BET Awards in a white dress by designer Dion Lee.

Netflix's black artists and creators came together to film an important video. This year Netflix aired a new ad during the 2018 BET Awards that focused specifically on black representation.

Common culprits of a wandering mind are feelings of overwhelm, boredom, stress, and a cluttered mind. Read on to discover a few sure-fire ways to refocus a wandering mind.

While on vacation in Japan, Safiya Nygaard decided to get a full on Japanese makeover.

Now that you understand your feelings and are ready to take responsibility to learn what you may be thinking or doing that is causing further pain, you're ready to love yourself.

Motives® Beauty Advisor, Melody Sopa, is a valuable Motives® Partner! Learning about Motives from a friend back in 2012 while working as a makeup artist.

Happy National Sunglasses Day. While we're traveling on the Utopia IV, my sunglasses collection is out in full force.

Choose to tap into your feelings and be willing to take responsibility for how you may be causing your pain so that you can master how to love yourself better.