Weekend Must-Reads

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Hello, ladies! Who else is ready for the weekend? As you countdown the minutes to 5 PM, be sure to sit back and relax a little. Read my "Weekend Must-Reads," post to get all the best content from Loren's World this week. Enjoy!

Weekend Must-Reads

There are few things in life more frustrating and soul destroying than continually feeling like you’re let down by the people around you.

As the temperatures get warmer, we’re all looking for a flawless tan. Unfortunately. not all of us can hit the beach right now. That’s where bronzer comes in!

When you're at your day job you're probably sitting in front of a computer all day, so good posture is hard to come by.

Selena is back to her original dark roots, but that doesn’t mean she’s not trying out new things when it comes to her hair.

As the Director of Motives® Kim works hard every day to make our makeup line into something incredible. I feel blessed to have her as a part of my family, as well as a part of the Market America & SHOP.COM team.

I wanted to show you some other makeup trends and looks featuring bright; bold makeup looks perfect for this season!

First things first, you must believe you are not being paid enough for what you bring to the table, and have results to back up your case as to why you deserve a pay rise.

If you’re still searching the web for the perfect prom dress, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got five dresses at great prices

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