Vibes Don't Lie: How Music Transforms Your Energy


Have you ever noticed how certain songs elevate your mood while others can make you feel sad? That's because music is powerful enough to affect the brain and mood by engaging emotion and memory. Experts believe that listening to your favorite tunes can enhance brain function.

Vibes Don't Lie: How Music Transforms Your Energy


#1. Emotion

Music stimulates emotions. Listening to your favorite playlist is not only an emotional experience, but it is also a physical one. Oxytocin (the "cuddle hormone") is released when we sing.

#2. Memory

Music stimulates memory. Hearing a song can take us right back to a magical or life-altering moment from our past.

#3. Calming

A playlist packed with the right melodies can slow down your heart rate helping you feel calmer and less stressed. This is why spas opt for soothing songs during treatments, and why many teachers use songs with slower beats, such as reggae, to soothe children with autism. Extensive research suggests that music with a 417Hz helps transform negative energy into positive energy.

#4. Attention

Music has the power to activate, sustain, and improve our attention.

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