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Serena Williams Makes History, Wins Olympic Gold And Does Crip Walk Dance

August 6th, 2012

I am so proud of my girl Serena Williams! I knew from the moment she stepped foot on that court she would win the individual’s gold at the 2012 Olympics. Serena has managed to separate herself from all other tennis players in the world, as no one else in the sport’s history has won all four major championships and Olympic gold in both singles and doubles. After an emotional year and roller coaster of a career, Serena never gave up, her passion surpassed all and ultimately dominated the court and the crowd.
Serena Williams Makes History, Wins Olympic Gold And Does Crip Walk Dance
Serena has become only the second woman to complete a career Golden Slam, a gold medal, plus win in all four grand slams and now the only tennis player in both men’s and women’s to win doubles and singles. WOW! One of her most memorable and dominating performances in the history of sports, Serena was focused, persistent and never lost her will power.
While I was screaming at the TV cheering for my girl, I felt her energy and passion for the drive to win. I cried, cheered, screamed and laughed, let’s face it only Serena can do a “crip walk” dance after winning one of her biggest matches of all time. Like I said it before, I’ll say it again Serena no matter whether she wins or lose she is a champion in my heart!
Check out a clip of Serena’s funny moment “crip walk” dance:


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