Response to My Dreams and Aspirations (Rochelle H)

Hi Rochelle!

Thank you so much for writing.  Despite your current situation, you sound very optimistic.  And I do believe positive thinking is the first step to achieving any goal.  So you're definitely on the right track!

I know many women that have had a hard time conceiving and adopting, and many have experienced miracles.  You must believe that your dream will come true—in one way or another.  Sometimes, we need to be a little flexible with our desires.  They don’t always come packaged in the red bow we imagined.  I truly believe you’ll be a mother one day, but in the meantime, why not offer your motherly talents to an organization?  I’m not sure where you live, but I bet there are organizations near by that work with children that can use some guidance or just someone who will listen.  Perhaps look into volunteering your time with kids, while your dream of becoming a mother takes its course?  It will definitely be great practice for parenting!

I’m a true believer in aligning yourself with your desires.  And I know you are doing all you can to achieve your dream.  But a good way to attract that energy is by really putting yourself in the role you want to play.  And I understand you are a registered nurse, so you’re  probably in the role of helping/mothering others.  But what I mean is to work with children that truly need that motherly figure—the ones that are seeking that mentor.  It may sound silly, but it will help keep your mind occupied (it’s always nice to quiet the inner chatter!) and it will let the universe know that you’re serious about your dream.  Go ahead and align yourself.  You may be surprised where the path takes you.

Thank you again for writing. My thoughts are with you.

~Love Loren