Response to My Dreams and Aspirations (Darlene D)

Hi Darlene!

It’s always nice to hear from a fellow Miamian!  Thank you for writing.

In your email I can sense a little frustration and impatience.  Please don’t feel like you’re in a race. Our dreams come true on their own time. We’re so used to be doers that sometimes we forget to let life unravel a little bit before we make a move.  Don’t let that GPA discourage you.  Instead, work really hard to get an awesome LSAT score.  Perhaps you should look into taking a prep course?  But let that be your short-term goal.  Try not to get caught up with how you’re going to become an attorney at 30 years old.  Focus on the small steps that you are confronted with presently, liking scoring high on your LSAT to get accepted into law school.

Also, be prepared. Research the institutions you want to attend and see what they’re requirements are.  If you GPA doesn’t match their requirements, contact someone in admissions and ask them if there is something else you can do (work as a paralegal, score high on your LSAT) to compensate.

Being prepared and exploring other avenues is key to achieving our goals.  Stay positive and take one step at time.  You’ll get there, and you know that!

Best of luck to you!

~Love Loren