Response to my dreams and aspirations (Clara)

Hi Clara!

First off, thank you so much for writing. My daughter is also starting college in September. We are so proud of her, and I bet your family is very proud of you, as well. I was proud of you when I read this message. Based on your note, I can see you are very determined, which is first step to accomplishing your goals. You are almost there!

College is a great time to explore different careers and life purposes. I encourage you to take advantage of your elective classes and really choose based on your interests. If you’re interested in modeling, maybe a speech class can help give you confidence? Or a photography class can show you how beauty is seen from the other side of the lens. People see beauty in different ways, so it’s important to appreciate how others interpret it.

Also, if you are serious about modeling make sure you align yourself with your goals. That means read up on how famous models have made it where they are today; follow famous model photographers; and seek out modeling agencies. A great source for aspiring models is models.com. Just really do your research on the industry.

And about Kim Kardashian, yes, she is a great role model! I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear that she inspires you. Although you see Kim in magazines and on T.V., I must tell you she has earned every opportunity that comes her way. You’re right, she is very hard working. But know that you, too, can attain the same success if you stay focused on your goals, remain true to yourself, and think positive thoughts. Never focus on the negative. Our thoughts always manifest, and unfortunately, that means the bad ones, too. So stay positive. If there are any toxic people in your life it is ok to distance yourself. Surround yourself with positive people that have similar goals as you do, and you’ll see how quickly you will rise. One last thing! Always remember you are capable of accomplishing whatever you are capable of dreaming.