“Narcos” Headed to Mexico For Season 4

narcos, season 4. netflix, “Narcos” Headed to Mexico For Season 4

This weekend is the perfect time to catch up with “Narcos,” a top-notch Netflix series that began streaming season 3 on September 1. It’s true, Pedro Escobar is out of the picture and the Cali Cartel are elated and ready to take over while celebrating the death of their nemesis. With the focus on the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers, Gilberto (Damian Alcazar) and Miguel (Francisco Denis), along with their co-horts El Chepe (Pepe Rapazote) and Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann).

“Narcos” Headed to Mexico For Season 4

narcos, season 4. netflix, “Narcos” Headed to Mexico For Season 4
Photo Credit: Netflix

As much as they criticized Escobar, the Cali Cartel wasn’t much better behaved. What they had going for them for awhile however, was that the brothers mostly stayed out of sight. But even that wouldn’t help them in the end.

“Anytime you have a group dynamic, you’re going to have some problems,” “Narcos” showrunner Eric Newman told NY Daily News. “I think that what the drug business is about and really what you could equate this to life, there’s what you want to have happen and then there’s what actually happens. I think what’s great about this season, the Cali guys have a very clear plan of how they want things to go. They want to retire, get out of the business without ever meeting justice. They want to keep their money and ride off into the sunset with billions of dollars. There are certain people who are bent on that not happening and that’s what season three is about.”

What you’ll get is an action-packed 10 episode season that will have you on the edge of your seat. The memory of Escobar will never fade, but the Cali Cartel really stepped up to the plate and showed you that audiences didn’t need him to move the story along.

And while I’ll avoid the major spoilers of the season, it’s worth noting that season three will end the Colombian chapter as the series gets ready to move on to Mexico.

“It’s not dissimilar to seasons one and two where you were brought closure to the Escobar story,” Newman said. “But we would be naive to think that the story ends with bringing down the Cali Cartel. That’s the problem with the drug war, it’s never going to be about who the guys kill or arrest or drive away. It’s the fact that cocaine continues.

I think rather than thinking in terms of the Cali years of the show--- I look at all three of the seasons as the Colombian chapter in this period. I think people will find good closure by the end of season three.”

Season three of “Narcos” is currently available to stream via Netflix.