Must-Watch Movies to Catch this October

October means it's time to settle in and watch spooky films to get into the Halloween mood! I love watching scary movies or films with goth undertones. It helps make me get into the season! Right now, I'm catching some of my favorite films with the little ones. It's so fun to watch their reactions and see these movies through their eyes. Below are some of those films along with some truly scary, campy, and gothic movies you must-watch this October.

Must-Watch Movies to Catch this October

Hocus Pocus- This 90s Disney classic will leave you feeling nostalgic for your trick or treat days.

Beetlejuice- Don't say his name more than twice or who knows what kind of havoc his wreak!

Halloween- A scary movie classic to keep you on your toes.

Corpse Bride- Tim Burton is the master of making gothic films, this one being a fan favorite.

Practical Magic- Feeling witchy? Watch this light, feel-good film with loved ones!

Addams Family- Any movie from this franchise will have you laughing! I remember Addams Family Values being a fan favorite at our home back in the day!

Trick 'r Treat- Get spooked with this gory film.

House of 1000 Corpses- Invite your friends over to watch this Rob Zombie classic!

Scream-Who doesn't love a campy movie that's equal parts frightening and hilarious.

The Ring- See if this movie has the scaring power that it once did back in the early 2000s!

Little Shop of Horrors- Sing along to some classic show tunes!

It-Stephen King is the master of horror. Get to know this spooky story and learn how he does it with the modern adaptations of this film.

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Sleepy Hallow- Tim Burton's gothic tale will leave you captivated.

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