Mandy Moore Celebrates Her Engagement to Taylor Goldsmith

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How exciting! It was so much fun to see headlines and highlights of Mandy Moore’s engagement party celebrating her upcoming nuptials to Taylor Goldsmith, her boyfriend of more than two years. Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people in love and Mandy and Taylor seem to be meant for one another. In recent headlines and on Instagram, Mandy also gushed about her friend Raina Penchansky, who threw her a lovely and sweet engagement party following the recent announcement of their engagement.

Mandy Moore Celebrates Her Engagement to Taylor Goldsmith

Here are a few highlights:

Adorned with crowns, this group of ladies looked like they were having an absolute blast..

And, here’s what Mandy had to say on her Insta stories:

"rp1313 is the bestest friend ever," Moore captioned a video showing off her bridal emoji pictionary, before sharing more of the event attended by Penchansky, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Ashley Streicher, Minka Kelly and her This Is Us co-star, Susan Kelechi Watson.

(via Entertainment Tonight)

The girls played bridal Pictionary, had lovely snacks, drank some champagne and well, just celebrated. It looked like so much fun and just lovely!

The décor looked just perfect and the group of friends, small but intimate, the ideal combo for an engagement celebration.

Here’s what Refinery 29 had to say:

With a beautifully decorated party complete with crowns and banners, the This Is Us actress shared the day with close friends Penchansky, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Minka Kelly, Ashley Streicher, and her co-star Susan Kelechi Watson.

The festivities included classic engagement party games like Pictionary and word puzzles. Mandy Moore took to Instagram afterward to thank her friends for celebrating her engagement saying, "My heart bursts for each and every one of these ladies. If you are the company you keep, then I am in excellent standing. Thank you @rp1313 for being the greatest hostess/sister/bff and for giving us all a reason to hang, celebrate and enjoy some delightful gluten-free tea sandwiches like ladies do."

It’s so fabulous to come across some truly happy news and see women celebrating one another in the way that only the best of friends do. Congratulations, Mandy! We’re thrilled for you.