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Jack Osbourne Speaks Up About Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Jack Osbourne Talks About Living with Multiple Sclerosis

In a recent CNN article, Jack Osbourne talked about what it’s like to live with Multiple Sclerosis and overcoming depression that often comes as a result of the diagnosis. He was both inspiring and interesting to learn what life has been life for him since his diagnosis four years ago and to learn what he’s doing to raise awareness. His candor in the interview gives great insight into the various ways MS can affect the body and that there are many varying forms of the disease. According to CNN, Osbourne was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) in 2012, after he noticed numbness in his legs and went blind in his right eye.

Jack Osbourne Talks About Living with Multiple Sclerosis
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Jack Osbourne speaks up about living with Multiple Sclerosis

Here’s a bit of what Jack had to say:

"Depression is the most common side effect of sufferers with multiple sclerosis," Osbourne told CNN. "I don't take medication for it but I do have bouts of it.

"I get frustrated at the notion when I start going down that hole at like, 'Oh I can do all this stuff' but if I woke up tomorrow I'd be really f**king annoyed if something is not working right. Like, I can't grip well or I lose vision in my eye again," he said.

Jack Osbourne with wife, Lisa Stelly
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Osbourne credits his wife, Lisa Stelly (pictured above), with helping him get through the dark days.

"If I'm down in the dumps she says, 'Get your sh*t together.' My tendency is I tend to have a more dismal approach."

For many of us, Multiple Sclerosis is a bit of a mystery. We may know someone who suffers from it or we may have heard of it – but we just aren’t sure. When organizations come about where we can learn a thing or two – that’s pretty great. That’s why Jack started his organization, You Don’t Know Jack About MS.

Here’s what he told CNN:

But Osbourne said he's committed to not allowing his diagnosis to get the best of him. That's why he created a website, You Don't Know Jack About MS, to spread awareness about the disease for those who are newly diagnosed or living with MS. He also documents his own daily struggles in webisodes and features others who are managing the disease.

"I'm very fortunate. Admittedly, that's not the case with everyone with MS," Osbourne said. "In some regards, people might say I'm not the best spokesperson for MS because I'm the better side of things, and some people have been frustrated by this, but that's the diversity [of this disease]."

Sending hugs and major props to Jack Osbourne for not letting MS get the best of him, for reaching out to others who are struggling with this disease and for speaking up. It’s great to know that he’s turning a tough situation into something positive that can help many of us learn and understand a little more about Multiple Sclerosis.

Have you or someone you love been affected by MS? How do you keep things positive?