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These Habits Will Keep You Happy on the Daily

happy woman, happiness, These Habits Will Keep You Happy on the Daily, daily habits, daily, habits

How do you take care of your mental health? Do you exercise? Meditate? Accomplish goals? Everyone experiences happiness differently which means that different things make each of us happy! We’re not all created equal; even when it comes to keeping a smile on our face. This is why I wanted to bring together this list. Below are a few unique ways to keep up on self-care. They’re daily habits that will effectively work on all different types of people. Make happiness your priority and see which habit works best for your personality below.

happy woman, happiness, These Habits Will Keep You Happy on the Daily, daily habits, daily, habits

Coloring Book- Get yourself in the present moment by trying out an adult coloring book. They’re great for mental health and fun to use. Be a kid again and try it out.

Keep Your Compliments- Write down all the compliments you receive in a list and keep it  handy for when you’re feeling down. You’re an amazing person and people aren’t lying when they tell you so.

Make A “Done” List- This is great for those who feel like they aren’t getting enough done during the day. What did you already accomplish today? You got up, you made your bed and had breakfast. Write it down instead of writing your to-do list. This way, you’ll feel more accomplished and ready to tackle the rest of your day!

Tell Yourself Positive Affirmations- Read some positive affirmations to yourself. You’ll be surprised by the power of the spoken word

Get Ready Even if Your Aren’t Going Anywhere- This is my favorite habit because it makes me feel good. I like to get ready and even put on a little bit of makeup despite the fact that I’m working from home. Looking put-together helps me to feel good and it might help you too.

Write Down What Your Grateful For- Write down your feelings in a journal and then write down a gratitude list. It’ll remind you that you have people and things in your life to be happy and grateful about!

Get Creative- Spend time in the kitchen, dance it out or jot down a story. Getting those creative juices out will help you feel liberated if you're a creative type. Don't stifle that creativity.

Plan Your Week- Plan your days in advance. This way, you don’t wake up feeling lazy or lethargic. You wake up with purpose. You have no time for binge watching Netflix today despite the fact that you're feeling sad. Instead, laundry needs to get done. That errand you keep putting off needs getting to so get to it. Don't let you emotions impede on your day.

When in Doubt, Feel It Out- If you’re feeling down with no way out, have a good cry. Let it out. When you’ve got to keep it together all day, it feels cathartic to release your negative feelings in some way. You're one step closer to feeling happy.