Everything You Can Expect from Libra Season

It's September 23rd and the start of Libra season! I always remember this because it falls on Amber's birthday! Her birthday marks the first day of the season, which means she's balanced, kind, charming, and always tactful. The start of Libra season brings in change in some exciting ways. Want to learn what you can expect from Libra season? Read on!

Libra season is all about balance, and that balance is definitely on the way, but first, you have to clear out all that's hindering you. Bust out a journal, do some soul searching, and try to hold yourself accountable for change. Harmony is on the way.

Libra's are the best flirts I know and this time is all about embracing our innermost Venus qualities. This means it's time to get dressed up and embrace our beauty. If you're single, get out on the scene. This is a great time to flirt. Be open to your artistic side as well. You never know what fun will come out of it!

The new moon in Libra on September 28 could be heeling for you. Be vulnerable with yourself and those around you. It will give you an opportunity to open your horizons.

This season is about to bring on some major change. Be aware of the transformations about to take place! I hope your Libra season is as amazing as you are!