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“Curb Your Enthusiasm” Returns This Fall

July 16th, 2017

HBO confirmed last summer that fan favorite “Curb Your Enthusiasm” would be returning for a 9th season. Since then, the cable giant has kept pretty mum about the project, except for a teaser video released in November featuring J.B. Smooth.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Returns to HBO for 9th Season This Fall

Photo courtesy of HBO

It wasn’t until this week, that HBO announced the official return of the show will take place on October 1st, six years after the end of season 8. Via social media, they also unveiled a brand new poster featuring words by creator and star Larry David.

“In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned,” he said in a press release on July 2016.

Other members from the original cast returning include Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, J.B. Smoove and Susie Essman. It was also announced that “Gilmore Girls” mom Lauren Graham would be joining the show. Although the actress could not say much about her casting, which was announced in May, you can expect her to be totally different than the chatty Lorelai.

“It was the perfect answer to ‘What do I do now?!’ because this character is completely not me at all,” Graham told TVLine. “I speak in a way that I don’t speak ever.”

She added, “There really is no greater joy than actually making Larry David laugh. And he really laughs hard.”

And since Larry loves messing with us so much, he released a teaser trailer along with the poster where he’s dressed up like Julius Caesar. You won’t learn a thing about the new season from it, but it’s so much fun to watch him clown around.

Are you excited about the new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm?” Let me know in the comments.

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