Christina El Moussa Shares How She Stays Fit

Christina El Moussa is a busy mom of two, but she always finds time to dedicate to her fitness routine. El Moussa, who shot to fame after starring on HGTV’s “Flip or Flop,” spoke to People about how she focuses on the exercises she enjoys the most when her time is limited. It’s important that even when we’re working out, we have fun! This will help you maintain a routine as well as keep you looking forward to carving out time for some activity.

Christina El Moussa Shares How She Stays Fit

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“Running has always been my go-to workout,” she told the online magazine. “Usually I only have 30 minutes for a workout, so I make sure to make the most out of it. A quick 3-mile run around my neighborhood is what I find maximizes my quick workouts and gives me energy to get through my day.”

And while running is one of her go-to workouts, she gets to spend a lot of time burning calories while chasing six-year-old daughter Taylor and one-year-old son Brayden. Just because you’re not at a gym, doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice cardiovascular workout by playing or running with your children. She said they “always keep me moving, so just keeping up with them is a workout in itself!”

Even when her kids aren’t ready to help mom stay healthy, she counts on their French bulldog Cash to pick up the slack!

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No matter how many workouts you fit into your day, or don’t, try to eat healthy the majority of the time. El Moussa’s tips may seem logical, but you’d be surprised how many people opt for trendy diets that restrict you from many healthy foods. And of course, make sure you remember to stay hydrated all day with enough water.

“I stay away from fast food and fried foods and try and eat organic meals prepared at home,” she explained. “I don’t drink anything during the day besides coffee in the morning and then lots of water.”

How do you busy business women, with or without children, stay healthy? Share your tips with me in the comments.