8 Fun Couple Activities to Try This Weekend

couples activities

Healthy relationships require work, effort, and time. Fun couple activities are a great way to spend time together, strengthen bonds and fall in love all over again. We're all guilty of taking relationships for granted sometimes when we are so busy with life and have grown used to our day one being around all of the time. There is nothing better than throwing your typical daily routine out of the window once in a while and setting off on an adventure, or simply spending quality time together alone.

1. Book tickets to a comedy club and laugh the night away.

2. Have a stay-at-home date night. Cook together, open your favorite bottle of wine and set the ambiance with a suitable playlist.

3. Play a board game together.

4. A fun day capturing your laughter and love via a couple's photo shoot; what's not to love?

5. Hit the movies: the oldie but goldie date night idea.

6. Go "out, out" - without a plan. Pick a random bar to start at with a pre-dinner drink and see where the universe takes you!

7. Go for a drive listening to a new playlist - an unplanned escapade awaits!

8. Enjoy a sunset picnic or an evening stargazing session in your garden, or at the beach if you live near one, complete with a bottle of champagne and delicious nibbles.

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