carry-on essentials

5 Brilliant Carry-On Essentials

Seasoned jetsetters know the least stressful method of flying is to take only hand luggage to whoosh through customs without needing to wait for any checked luggage delays. That is until you realize how little space you have when two bikinis and three dresses nearly fill said carry-on. The struggle…
visit London

3 Reasons to Visit London

I adore visiting the U.K. - there is so much history and architecture to discover. I love the diversity, the art, the fashion, the culture and the fact that there is so much to do for all the family. With so many options it's difficult to choose only three. Read…
Cayman Islands

3 Reasons to Visit the Magical Cayman Islands

If you're looking for a beautiful place to unplug from your city lifestyle and bask in shimmering ocean water, think the Cayman Islands. There is magic to be found in every corner of these picturesque islands of paradise. If the aforementioned isn't reason enough to visit this Caribbean utopia, read…
cruise collection essentials

Travel Tuesday: Cruise Collection Essentials

Being on the open water, everything under one 'roof', or unplugging from the world for days; whatever your reason for taking an ocean voyage vacation, here are a few cruise collection essentials. Travel Tuesday: Cruise Collection Essentials #1. A small bungee cord. If you're a cruise master, you'll know that…
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