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LDV Elixir & Rosé Refresher Are Now Available, lumiere, lumiere de vie, elixir, lorens world

LDV Elixir & Rosé Refresher Are Now Available

Lumiere de Vie has officially released their Lumière de Vie® Renewal Elixir and Lumière de Vie® Rosé Refresher. These products are all about refreshing your skin when it's looking and feeling dry and dull. With the help of Aloe and Botanimoist expect incredible smooth skin. These products will change the…
male grooming

Male Grooming: The Evolution of Men's Skincare

By 2020, the male grooming industry is projected to reach sales close to $61 billion worldwide. That’s an increase of almost $43 billion in five years. To top it all off, toiletries (bath, shower, deodorant, skin, and hair products) will outpace the more traditional male grooming offerings of fragrances and…
New SHOP.COM Halloween Contest!, halloween costume, costume, halloween contest, US 2018 Halloween Contest

New SHOP.COM Halloween Contest!

Halloween is upon us, Market America! As the leader of Market America and SHOP.COM, we want to share every opportunity to enjoy Halloween easy and stress-free, which is why we're offering up a contest to get a $150 gift card! Yes, enter NOW for a first place prize of $150. The…
New Shopping Annuity Razor Products , razors, razor razor products, shopping annuity razors

New Shopping Annuity Razor Products

Your orders determine the next Shopping Annuity product! it's time to preorder Performance Razors Shaving System for Men, Performance Razors Refill Cartridges for Men, Performance Razors Disposable Pack for Men, Performance Razors Disposable Pack for Women. Your orders and votes will determine the next product that's introduced so if you're…
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