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woman crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday: Melody Sopa & Sara Sampaio

Woman crush Wednesday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our amazing and inspiring Motives team that have built their own businesses featuring Motives products. Woman Crush Wednesday: Melody Sopa & Sara Sampaio Motives® Beauty Advisor, Melody Sopa, is a valuable Motives® Partner! Learning about Motives from a friend back in…

Lumiére de Vie's New Instagram

At Market America and SHOP.COM, we strive to bring you the best that we have to offer. The same goes for our brands! We want you to have the best because you deserve it, especially while growing your business— even when it comes to searchability. Now, when looking for Lumiere…
dna miracles

DNA Miracles: Love Your Little Ones

I could not be prouder of Amber and Duane for the remarkable heights they've achieved with DNA Miracles. Their presentation today at MAWC2018 was spellbinding - as always! The crowd waited eagerly for Amber and Duane to unveil the hotly anticipated new app for this magical brand. You're all going…
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