iPhone photos

iPhone Photos: How to Capture Winter

The iPhone may have its glitches, but nothing can compare to the innovation Apple keeps delivering in every upgraded model. Gone are the days you needed insanely expensive cameras and photography equipment to get a decent photo. iPhone photos can look like professional shots with a little know-how, and there…
iPhone photography

3 Ways to Slay Your iPhone Photography

iPhone cameras seem to get more remarkable with every new model release. Whether you have an older or newer model, implement these three tricks to improve your iPhone photography game. 1. Focus on a subject. Every inspiring photo has at least one focus subject, which can be you, a group…
tech trends

The Tech Trends Set to Dominate 2020

We've seen a lot of innovative tech trends so far in 2019 from the acceleration of social robots to one-day delivery from leading online e-commerce stores. I'm excited to see what innovators come up with over the next few months to change the way we interact with one another and…
viral marketing

3 of the Best Viral Marketing Campaigns of All Time

There’s no exact science to how a campaign goes viral, but it usually includes a mix of incredible content, engaging an audience emotionally, building in a natural sharing capability into your campaign, encouraging your audience to create user-generated content, and sharing your content at the right time. Read on for…
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