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build a community

How to Build a Community around Your Brand

Brands who successfully build a community around their business are the brands of the future. Building a community around your brand creates a society built up of your target customer that collectively help to reinforce your brand mission and values. 1. A community Will Support Your Cause An online community…
monetize your Instagram

How to Monetize Your Instagram Following

Mico-influencers and nano-influencers have paved the way for users to monetize their Instagram following without millions of followers. Your followers follow your story for a reason. Understanding what your followers want and need will allow you to monetize your Instagram account successfully. 1. Provide a solution to a common problem.…

Why 'Phubbing' Is Ruining Your Life

'Phubbing' is the latest label for people who mostly ignore those around them in social and work situations, opting to stare at their phones instead. 1. Social Affects The act of 'phubbing' describes the people around you, perceiving the quality of your interaction and relationship negatively. It's a form of…
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