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How to Avoid the Top 4 Marketing Mistakes

There's an art to getting your marketing right and the companies that do reap the rewards. Read on for four of the biggest money-wasting marketing mistakes to avoid. 1. Getting Your Branding Wrong Your branding and logo need to communicate what you do to your target market. If you're starting…

How to Slay TikTok for Business

If your target market is aged 16-23 years, you need to have a presence on TikTok. In addition to having 500 million active users, you can get your business name seen by thousands of people without needing any followers with a little know-how. Take fifteen-year-old TikTok creator Charlie D'amelio; she…
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5 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers Without Hashtags

There is more to Instagram than hashtags, though they are one of the quickest ways to grow Instagram followers. Hashtags make your content visible to users searching for your content. So, how can you increase your Instagram following without using hashtags? Read on… 1. Engage Like and comment on multiple…
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