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influencer marketing 2020

Influencer Marketing 2020: What Brands Need to Know

The trends for Influencer marketing 2020 and beyond will continue to change the face of digital marketing. No other digital or traditional media comes close to getting the same quick success influencers can offer to brands. Many brands are starting to shun celebrity influencers for influencers with 30,000 – 100,000…
instagram caption

5 Instagram Caption Ideas to Boost Engagement

If your go-to social media platform is Instagram, you've likely noticed sporadic declines to your average post engagement. Perhaps even overnight losses of followers too. Instagram updates its algorithm periodically. These updates often result in a purge of fake or inactive accounts, hence a drop in followers. Your engagement can…
blogger hashtags

The Blogger Hashtags to Use in 2020

Brands find influencers on Instagram by using blogger hashtags to find local brand ambassadors to collaborate with to increase their online presence. Read on to discover the hashtags you should be using to grow your blogger community this year. 1. The Most Popular Blogger Hashtags Choose hashtags which are highly…
entrepreneur hashtags

The Entrepreneur Hashtags to Use in 2020

Whether you're an entrepreneur yourself or you offer products or bespoke services to entrepreneurs, you should be focusing on growing your entrepreneurial community online. Read on to discover the entrepreneur hashtags to use to increase your online presence to a targeted following. 1. The Most Popular Entrepreneur Hashtags These entrepreneur…
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